Lady Star is the "Real Deal". In the spirit of Koko Taylor, Etta James, and Tina Turner, this blues Diva delivers like few others can. 

A native of Chicago, Lady Star has paid her dues. Since moving to San Diego, California, Lady Star has sung the blues on her terms in nearly every smoke-filled bar room on both sides of the border! For two years, Lady Star made her rounds in Mexico, performing with some of the country's finest musicians. 

In the United States, Lady Star has shared the bill with such blues legends as B.B. King, Koko Taylor, Jimmie Vaughn & The Thunderbirds, Dr. John, Carey Bell, The Kingsley Report, Gate Mouth Brown, Eric Sardinas, Chris Cain and Debbie Davis. Lady Star has been a crowd favorite at the San Diego music festivals such as Adam Avenue street Fair, Street Scene, San Diego Arts Festival and The Superbowl Blues Festival.

Lady Star can be best described as a down home blues singin' woman who leaves a bit of herself on stage each and every time she performs. Lady Star admits that, "The spirit just takes me. You can't fool the people, so when I give a performance, I have to make sure I'm giving 200 percent." 

More importantly, people who have seen her shows know this first hand and have a better understanding of what the blues is all about.



Blues Summit at The Tin Roof October 5, 2014

My parents are from Hollendell, Mississippi, but moved to Joliet, Illinois in the mid 50's when I was born. I was raised on Blues. My father told us that if we didn't like his music then we could just go to bed. I would stay up at first just to keep from having to go to bed early, but the more and more I listened, the more I loved the music. I don't know if it was because of my father or the music that worked its magic, but the Blues became a part of my soul. I think also church had a lot of influence on me through music as well. I always say "Blues is nothing but church with a little twang added to it. Plus, what you can't say in church, you sure can sing in the Blues."

I moved to San Diego, California in the mid 70's and started performing Classical Music, R&B, and Jazz, but they didn't move me like the Blues. Just something about singing the Blues makes the spirit move all through me.

Some of the venues I've played over the years are listed here:

On January 20, 2009 I had the honor to play at President Obama's First Inaugural Ball.

~~Opening acts for Big Stars include:

B.B. King

Jimmie Vaughan

KoKo Taylor

Randy Newman

~~Venues I've played and continue to play in San Diego include:

4th & B

American Legion San Diego

Coors Amphitheater

VFW San Diego & Lemon Grove

Humphrey's By The Bay

Hard Rock Cafe (Gaslamp District)


Adams Avenue Street Fair

Adams Avenue Arts Festival

San Diego Arts Festival

San Diego Blues Society Annual Festival

Long Beach Bayou Festival










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